Li-Ning Singapore Open 2013

by Guoyang L., 03 May 2013

Well into its 26th edition, the Li-Ning Singapore Open 2013 will be returning to the Singapore Indoor Stadium from the 18th June to 23rd June 2013. The Li-Ning Singapore Open 2013, which has been the nation’s definitive badminton tournament, promises high-ranked badminton players and a slew of new initiatives to keep fans of the game engaged.

This year’s open will feature a new arena layout, to bring fans closer to the action coupled with great music and action packed cheerleading performances between the matches. During the Badminton Carnival, fan’s can test out their accuracy and power at the Sponsor’s booth and Game stations to get a piece of the action.

The Li-Ning Singapore Open 2013 will also feature several purpose-built corporate box seating fitted with sofas, corporate branding and fine French cuisine during the last two days of the event. The corporate boxes are meant to up the ante combining gourmet cuisine with thrilling badminton action.

To further engage corporations, this year’s open will also see the start of the inaugural Corporate League pitting company against company. In a format similar to the Sudirman Cup, six teams will be split into two groups of three and play in a round robin format with the top four teams making it to the semi-finals.

With the slew of initiatives, this year’s Li-Ning Singapore Open 2013 will undoubtedly be an enriching experience for badminton fans, companies and the public alike.


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