Perrier-Jouët Collection by Claire Coles

by Guoyang L., 19 January 2013

Perrier-Jouët has collaborated with London artist Claire Coles to release a series of limited edition Perrier-Jouët Collection by Claire Coles champagne complete with the essential accessories.

Famous for creating works of art using vintage wallpapers, fabrics and scale to create layered botanical collages and bespoke handmade creations, Clare Coles is using nature as a source of inspiration for her collaboration with Perrier-Jouët. By synthesising Perrier-Jouët artistic heritage with the champagne’s individual character she has created three themed champagnes – the lively and fresh Grand Brut, the extravagant feminine Blason Rosé and the delicate floral Belle Epoque.

The Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut is a fresh and lively blended wine to be enjoyed any time of the day. The white flowers, white fruit and pineapples flavours would complement most light dishes and is created using delicate Chardonnay, strong Pinot Noir blend with Pinot Menuier. On the other hand, the Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé is a sensuous wine with intense aromas pairing well with a sweet and savoury meal. The cherry and blackberry fruit notes is derived from the red Champagne wines from the best crus by the Cellar Master. Last by not least, the Perrier-Jouët Epoque has light white floral notes with subtle spicy hints for a pleasant finish on the plate. Its mineral notes based on the Chardonnay Grand Crus pairs well with seafood, fish and white meat.

The Perrier-Jouët Collection by Claire Coles includes two limited edition finely designed semi-rigid cooler bags for the Grand Brut and Blason Rosé cuvees. While the Grand Brut comes with a gift box and an exclusive Belle Epoque Deluxe case containing the legendary cuvee of the House and the two flutes.

The limited edition from Perrier-Jouët is the newest definition of luxury champagne.

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