Ocean Suites at the Equarius

by Guoyang L., 22 February 2013

Ocean Suites: Luxurious Accomodation Underwater

Nestled at a secluded corner in Resorts World Sentosa, the 11 exclusive Ocean Suites offered by the Equarius Hotel provide guests an opportunity to interact with marine life in the comfort of their ‘abode’ for the night or two. Distant from the cacophony of excitement generated by visitors in Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), but close to many of its facilities such as the Adventure Cove Waterpark, the Ocean Suites is the choice room of stay for anyone with the cash to splash.

Upon arriving at the hotel’s main lobby, a storey high digital waterfall greets hotel guests, its digital imagery providing a calming effect to sooth the frustrations of any guests whose check-in was delayed by unforeseen circumstances. Adding that touch of added opulence to a vacation like this includes the assigning of butlers to guests putting up at the Ocean Suites, in which they are ferried to their suites via buggies which makes the Ocean Suites experience all the more luxurious.

However, the magic truly begins when one enters the room. At 90 square metres, the two storey room was slightly smaller than what one would expect for a luxury hotel’s suite, but that serves little to distract anyone from the beckoning of a large acrylic panel in the room. With a touch of the button, the curtains were gradually drawn while the room’s light went dim and synchronised LED light accents slowly illuminate the room in a deep blue, transforming the room into an underwater wonderland.

Guests would be pleased to know that the Ocean Suites is actually connected to the S.E.A aquarium, with the Azure blue waters of the aquarium and its 50,000 marine denizens captivating anyone who spends time at the Ocean Suites. The acrylic panels in comparison are slightly thinner than those of the S.E.A aquarium itself, allowing one to get up close and personal with the weird and wonderful marine life forms. And should one be in the room at a time where a feeding session is conducted, he or she can witness divers feeding the schools of fishes. Apparently the request for divers to conduct the feeding closer to the room can be made, which adds a more personal touch to the viewing of the marine life.

Facing the acrylic panel is a soft and fluffy king sized bed where one can laze upon, watching the ‘marine world go by’ literally. Seamlessly hidden by the wooden floorboard is a Jacuzzi pool which allows the guest to marvel at the beauty of the ocean without actually having to step out of the room. With a simple call, one can request for the butler to remove the wooden planks and prepare the Jacuzzi for him or her to unwind in and soak in the dynamic sights of the ocean; noticing a shark at one moment and a stingray the next. On that note, the toiletries at the hotel are from ESPA, allowing the guest to enjoy the spa experience from his or her room.

The second storey offers a different experience from the first, with the stairwell at the entrance of the room serving as a way to transit from underwater wonderland to nature paradise. Ascending the flight of stairs, the water motifs of the entrance level melded into the wooden and warm atmosphere of the second level. With its wood finishing and oak furniture, the room felt like a breath of fresh air, with lots of natural light permeating through the full length glass windows, adding to the feel of nature. The outdoor deck had a Jacuzzi pool and a private relaxation corner with cushy lounge chairs where one would instantly be lulled into a deep and restful sleep, due to the soothing sounds of flowing water which flooded auditory senses.

All in, with the exclusive butler service, unique underwater view as well as the luxurious amenities, the room rates though steep does feel like money well spent, as many often say; “You only live once.” The Ocean Suites is definitely suitable for couples who want to spend an intimate night, families who would like to marvel at the mysteries of the oceans or singles, like me, who plan to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life into the tranquil world of the enigmatic ocean.

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